Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

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Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

Visiting the museum or not? 
As a child i was rarely visiting any museum. When i did so, it was never a spontaneous visit, but always a matter of school obligation. Strangely enough, after high school i decided to study History and Archeology.

At the University of Crete, I was initiated to the archaeologist's field work: the excavation. But gradually, during my studies and my first working years, a question started to rise: what is the use of the findings? I was already aware about issues of conservation, interpretation, publishing and exhibiting the findings, but this was not enough.

At the Museum of Natural History of Paris I decided to take a closer look at matters of past and present by focusing on Museum Studies and Prehistory. I currently live in Athens working my way into communicating the past in the present in various museum projects. Apparently, as an adult I visit museums very often, and I enjoy it a lot.

Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

Athens Railway Museum

The Railway Museum of Athens, was founded by the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) in 1978. The museum has a collection of items related to the history of rail transport in Greece.

Hellenic Maritime Museum

Prehistorical and classical Ancient Age
Byzantine Age
Years prior to the Hellenic War of Independence - The Navy of 1821
The Navy during contemporary years, 1827-1945
The Mercantile Marine since 1827
Traditional Shipbuilding and Ships
Art Collection
The Aristotle Onassis collection

Shipbuilding Museum

It concerns a modern museum that is directly related to shipping and shipbuilding. The Shipbuilding Museum aspires to become a tourist attraction not only for the Piraeus, but also throughout Greece. Its ultra-modern building, will host significant exhibits from the shipbuilding city's history. This special place on the west coast of Athens will be the house for many traditionally-built boats.

Design Museum of the 20th Century

The "Twentieth Century Design Museum" in Athens, Greece, is a non-profit organization presenting in a 1200 m2 Museum Space the Furniture, Lights and everyday Objects created by the great Designers and Architects from 1900 to 1999.

The exhibits are arranged chronologically starting with Mackintosh (1905) going on with early century Architects, Gaudi and a vitrine of furniture created by Salvador Dali, a detailed show of the Bauhaus School and ending with the American and Italian Design.

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