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Hansen envisioned three neoclassical lustrous building that would be the one next to the other and work aesthetically as a whole.

1. University of Athens

Built in the years 1839-49 by the German architect Th. Hansen and his brother Ch. Hansen. The semi-outdoor spaces, essential part of this building, was a concession of the style to the warmer Greek climate.

2. Academy of Athens

The construction started in 1859 but due to political turmoil it was completed in 1885.

3. National Library of Greece

The building is entirely made by marble. Its most characteristic element is the central stairs. The statues that decorate the exterior of the building were done by Leonidas Drosis, while the murals and paintings by the Austrian Christian Griepenkerl.

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Schliemann’s Mansion (Numismatic Museum) Schliemann’s Mansion (Numismatic Museum)

The Numismatic Museum is in the house of the famous archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann. The building- designed by Schliemann’s friend Ziller- was completed in 1881. It is one of the few buildings of that era that remain intact and standing in Athens.

It combines elements of an Italian Renaissance house and the neoclassical style that was popular in Greece at that period. Its interior is beautifully decorated with mosaics, murals and painted ceilings. The decoration of the mosaics is inspired by Schliemann’ s finding at the excavation of  Mycenae. The murals and the ceilings imitate the paintings that were found in the Pompeii. The building’s beauty alone justifies a visit.

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Cinema Attikon & Apollon Building Cinema Attikon & Apollon Building

This building from the offset was destined to have commercial use. It was designed by Ziller but it was built by the Greek architect Nikoloudes in 1914. Its style was a combination of neoclassicism and eclecticism. Only few years later the building was redecorated by Nikoloudes in a neo-baroque style. The Cinema –theatre Attikon was set there from the beginning while the cinema Appolon was formed in the ‘30s.

Note: Unfortunately in the demonstration of the 12th February 2012 the exterior of the building was destroyed. The Greek Minister of Culture has promised to fund its renovation.
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Presidential Mansion (New Palace) Presidential Mansion (New Palace)

When King Constantine was born the construction of a new palace was decided. The building was designed by Ziller and was built in the years 1891-97. In 1909 part of the old palace (parliament buiding)was destroyed due to a fire and the royal family moved to the new one. From 1974 is used as the official house of the President of the Greek Democracy. It is a three- floor neoclassical building with Ionian columns.

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National Theatre of Greece National Theatre of Greece

Designed by the German architect E. Ziller. It was constructed in the years 1895-1901. The building combines the neoclassic style with eclectic elements. It is heavily decorated creating a big impact.

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Stathatos Mansion (Cycladic Art Museum) Stathatos Mansion (Cycladic Art Museum)

The Stathatos Mansion, a neoclassical building created by the architect Ziller in 1895, is the newest addition of the Cycladic Art Museum museum and usually houses temporary exhibitions.

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Hotel Grande Bretagne (Demetrius Mansion) Hotel Grande Bretagne (Demetrius Mansion)

The original form of the Hotel Grande Bretagne has been completely altered. Originally it was built as the luxurious house of the Greek family Demetrius by the German architect Th. Hansen also 1842. For the first time in Greek architecture neoclassicism was mixed with elements of the renaissance architecture.

The loggia (a gallery or corridor at ground level, sometimes higher, on the facade of a building and open to the air on one side, where it is supported by columns or pierced openings in the wall) at the façade of the building was one of the renovations of the more strict neoclassical style. King Otton was so thrilled with this new style that ordered that all the new buildings that would be made around Sintagma Sq. should share this style.

In 1873 the building starts functioning as a luxurious hotel. In 1909 the alterations began. New wigs and floors were added changing the building completely.

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Harokopos Mansion (Benaki Museum) Harokopos Mansion (Benaki Museum)

The Benaki Museum is set in a neoclassical building which was completed in 1895 by the architecture Metaxas. It was known as Harokopos mansion until it was bought by the Benaki family in 1910. New wings were added to the original building which eventually in 1930 was transformed into a museum.

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The Greek Parliament The Greek Parliament

The building of the Greek Parliament right on the most central square (Sintagma Sq.) was originally the first palace of King Otto. It was built in 1842 by the German architect Fr. Von Gartner. It is built in a restrained neoclassical style. It was sponsored by King Otto’s father who refused to pay extra money for luscious exterior decoration.

He also thought that a strict exterior would be more appropriate since the building would be in the same sight as the classical ruins of ancient Athens. In 1884 and 1909 the building suffered damages in fire and in 1910 was abandoned by the royal family. It was then remodeled to house the Hellenic Parliament in 1930, by the architect A. Kriezis and finally in 1935 the National Assembly moved in. Today it still functions as the seat of the Greek Parliament.

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Arsakio Mansion (School Building) Arsakio Mansion (School Building)

Designed by L. Kavtatzoglou and built in the years 1846-1852. It has a very strict neoclassical style with few decorations. Marble stones from the archaeological site of Acropolis that were deemed as “unnecessary” were used for its construction. This action that today is considered sacrilegious was then approved by King Otto. Ten years ago, during the renovation of the building, the archaeological committee managed to abstract most of those stones and return them to the archaeological site of Acropolis. Only the ones that are part of the foundation building still remain after being catalogued and photographed.

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