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4th Athens Biennale


At a time when the financial crisis in Greece and elsewhere is reaching a highpoint, the 4th Athens Biennale (AB4) cannot but respond to this bleak situation through a pertinent question: Now what?

In response to the current social and economic conditions, this year Biennale will set out to explore creative alternatives to a state of bankruptcy by setting in motion a collaborative process in producing an exhibition.

Titled AGORA, the exhibition proposed by AB4 (as an answer to the question Now what?) will be realized in an emblematic building, the former Athens Stock Exchange, by a nameless and ephemeral group of artists, curators, theorists and practitioners in the creative industries. AGORA is thus a collective experiment, the result of a process of fermentation between professionals from different backgrounds. What matters most to those who participate in such an experiment is a shared sense of responsibility and an urge to co-produce meaning.

Using the empty building of the former Athens Stock Exchange as its main venue, AB4 proposes AGORA not only as a place of exchange and interaction, but also as an ideal setting for critique and a radical re-orientation in thinking. As a contested space where multiple theses and doctrines emerge, this AGORA cannot be taken for granted: it aims for pleasure and purpose; it opts for the carnivalesque and the ambiguous, for the significant as much as the insignificant. 

AGORA is formulated through a succession of objects, collaborative events, performances, roundtable discussions, film screenings, workshops and educational programs. In AGORA works and theses evoke that which is urgently needed at this particular moment: an unearthing of timely attitudes, a reevaluation of artistic and lifetime strategies, a deconstruction of dominant myths in order to discover new, functional approaches and attitudes.

4TH ATHENS BIENNALE 2013 AGORA29th September – 1st December 2013Preview 28th September  | former Athens Stock Exchange, 8-10 Sofokleous str

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