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Other flows: Six contemporary Chinese painters


Bernier-Eliades gallery is pleased to present the exhibition of “other flows: six contemporary chinese painters” on the thursday, april 10th. The show is curated by Colin Chinnery.

Contemporary chinese art and especially painting, has come to the attention of the world often through headline grabbing auction results rather than content. This has had the unfortunate result of creating an artificial separation between painting, which is seen as being commercial and more contemporary media such as installation and video, which are seen as being more experimental. While there are painting ‘schools’ and styles that exert a great deal of critical and commercial influence in china, there are painters who remain fiercely independent of these factors and have because of this attitude developed complex and unique bodies of work that engages ideas of contemporaneity, of identity, of history and ideology that is often hard to find in the aforementioned more experimental media. It is this independent outlook and creative attitude that have brought this group of artists together for this exhibition – the first show of its kind in Europe.

The gallery is open Tue-Fri 10.30-18.30. Saturday 12.00-16.00.

More info: Bernier-Eliades Gallery

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