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  • Helen Tragea recently completed a PhD on Film Theory and Analysis at the department of  Culture and Communication of the Panteion University. For the last seven years she has been teaching History of Art andHistory of Cinema in colleges and has been organizing and conducting seminars for adults on the same subjects.

    Previously she worked as a film editor in a private company. In the years 2001-2 she was employed as a special scientist and historical investigator by the Film and Photography department of the Diplomatic and Historical Archive of the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    In 2000 she attained the Master's Degree on History and Theory Modern Art at the University of Essex in Great Britain. She was awarded Bachelor's Degree on Archeology and History of Art by the University of Crete.

    She has a special interest in artistic B&W photography and has participated in various exhibitions. She  also maintains a blog (http://helencomments.blogspot.com/) with articles on art and films.

    Helen Tragea
    Archeologist-Historian of Modern Art

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  • Visiting the museum or not? 
    As a child i was rarely visiting any museum. When i did so, it was never a spontaneous visit, but always a matter of school obligation. Strangely enough, after high school i decided to study History and Archeology.

    At the University of Crete, I was initiated to the archaeologist's field work: the excavation. But gradually, during my studies and my first working years, a question started to rise: what is the use of the findings? I was already aware about issues of conservation, interpretation, publishing and exhibiting the findings, but this was not enough.

    At the Museum of Natural History of Paris I decided to take a closer look at matters of past and present by focusing on Museum Studies and Prehistory. I currently live in Athens working my way into communicating the past in the present in various museum projects. Apparently, as an adult I visit museums very often, and I enjoy it a lot.

    Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

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