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Gagosian Gallery - Athens

Gagosian Gallery opens a new selling outpost with the launch of the new Greek gallery at 3 Merlin Street in Athens.

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Benaki Museum (Pireos Street Annexe)

The building at 138 Pireos street
The new Benaki Museum building is located at 138 Pireos Street, one of the central development axes of Athens.

The existing building, which is organised around a central courtyard, is already being refurbished, thanks to co-funding by the Ministry of Culture and the European Union.

The new building covers a total area of 8,200 m2 with underground areas of 2,800 m2 and an internal courtyard of 850 m2. The exhibition halls span 3,000 m2. There is an amphitheatre capable of seating 300, as well as areas to house the Museum services.

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Hellenic Cosmos

Hellenic Cosmos, FHW's Cultural Centre, was inaugurated in 1998, originally occupying a site of 16,000m2. It was housed in a former industrial building, which albeit maintaining important elements of its original use, it was transformed into an ultra-modern, living museum that aims to be a source of learning and satisfy the needs of the contemporary "society of knowledge".

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ATOPOS Contemporary Visual Culture

ATOPOS (m e a n i n g literally in ancient Greek out of the ordinary, eccentric, unregistered) is an Athens-based, non - profit cultural organisation which aims to bring modern technologies together with fashion, design and contemporary art.

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The BERNIER/ELIADES GALLERY was founded in 1977 in Athens and has since continued working dynamically in the field of contemporary art in Greece.

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Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) is a multifunctional and environmentally sustainable education, arts, and recreation destination. It includes the new state-of-the-art facilities of the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera and the Stavros Niarchos Park, covering an area of 210,000 sqm.

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CAMP Exhibition Space

CAMP, Contemporary Art Meeting Point. 200 m2 within the 1890 historical building of Kotzia Square, upon which the City Hall is located. The gallery space hosts experimental exhibitions and project proposals by artists, curators, art groups and offspaces from Greece and abroad.

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Onassis Cultural Centre

The Onassis Cultural Centre (Stegi Grammaton ke Technon) is Athens’ new cultural space hosting events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music and the visual arts to the written word, with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression, on supporting Greek artists, on cultivating international collaborations and on educating children and people of all ages through life-long learning.

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The Blender Gallery

Blender Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Athens and dedicated to the promotion of the Greek artistic creation in Greece and abroad.

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The Image Gallery

The concept for The Image Gallery was born out of a love for illustration art of all types.

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