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CAMP Exhibition Space

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CAMP, Contemporary Art Meeting Point. 200 m2 within the 1890 historical building of Kotzia Square, upon which the City Hall is located. The gallery space hosts experimental exhibitions and project proposals by artists, curators, art groups and offspaces from Greece and abroad.

CAMP is located within the very heart of Athens, the historical center, and public meeting point of diverse cultures and individuals. The three storey preservable neoclassical building stands next to other substantial historical monuments such as The National Bank of Greece but most significantly, the Athens City Hall. Kotzia Square, which embraces the City Hall, has lived moments of glory during which the City Theatre invited an overwhelming crowd of Athenians to watch Sarah Bernhardt perform, but also moments of sadness when the theater itself housed refugees, thus leading to irreversible damage that resulted in its demolishment.

Within this very location contemporary art has acquired a new meeting place for artists in one of the most famous and emblematic corners of Athens.

CAMP aims to connect artists from Greece and abroad who work with the visual arts, music, performing arts and film to present innovative ideas and new and fresh proposals. CAMP aspires to become the absolute meeting point for art lovers and the art community, providing an overall view of the contemporary arts scene.

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  • Address: 4 Efpolidos & Apellou, 10551 Athens
  • How to get there: Gallery Main entrance from Apellou Str.
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: (+30) 210 3247679
  • Schedule: Monday-Sunday 14:00-21:00
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