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Institute of study of Greek Contemporary Ceramic Art

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The goal of the Institute of study of Greek Contemporary Ceramic Art is to study, preserve and present the ceramic Greek art mostly of the 19th century. He institute is located in an old neoclassical building that used to be the house of the family Petropoulou. The house was built in 1875 and functioned as a private home until 1969. In that year the Archaeological Institute took over the house and started using it as office space. In 1999 the restoration of the building was completed and was offered to the Institute of study of Greek Contemporary Ceramic Art.

The collection of the Institute of study of Greek Contemporary Ceramic Art includes over 5000 ceramic objects. The first part of the exhibition contains every-day ceramic objects that come from different areas of Greece. Another part presents works of famous ceramic artists. The visitor can also admire ceramic objects from various areas which are known for their style of ceramic art. For example, there are vases from Tsanak- Cale of M. Asia. A different room has on display objects that were made in the European Countries and the Balkans. There is also a room that presents the tools and the methods of manufacture.

The most interesting part of the exhibition, though, is the detailed information and explanation on the manufacture and on the various techniques of the ceramic art. Through this information the visitor can really appreciate the work of the ceramic artists.
Tip: The institute often organizes classes for children during weekends offering knowledge and entertainment to its’ small visitors. Contact them to check their schedule.

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  • Address: 4 Melidoni, 10553 Kerameikos, Athens
  • Schedule: Monday - Friday: 09.00 – 15.00 Sunday: 10.00 – 14.00 Saturday: Closed
  • Phone: (+30) 210.3318491-5
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