Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

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Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

Visiting the museum or not? 
As a child i was rarely visiting any museum. When i did so, it was never a spontaneous visit, but always a matter of school obligation. Strangely enough, after high school i decided to study History and Archeology.

At the University of Crete, I was initiated to the archaeologist's field work: the excavation. But gradually, during my studies and my first working years, a question started to rise: what is the use of the findings? I was already aware about issues of conservation, interpretation, publishing and exhibiting the findings, but this was not enough.

At the Museum of Natural History of Paris I decided to take a closer look at matters of past and present by focusing on Museum Studies and Prehistory. I currently live in Athens working my way into communicating the past in the present in various museum projects. Apparently, as an adult I visit museums very often, and I enjoy it a lot.

Maria-Niki Koutsoukou

Goulandris Natural History Museum

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a museum in Kifisia, a northeastern suburb of Athens, Greece. It was founded by Angelos Goulandris and Niki Goulandris in 1965 in order to promote interest in the natural sciences, to raise the awareness of the public, in general, and in particular to call its attention to the need to protect Greece's natural wildlife habitats and species in the danger of extinction.

Industrial Gas Museum

In 1857 Francois Theophile Feraldi undertakes the task of lighting Athens with coal gas. Athens Municipality grants the French businessman a 50 year prerogative. For approximately 60 years, the streets of Athens will be lighted with coal gas.

Museum of Geology and Paleontology of the Athens University

The history of the Museum starts in 1858. It all begun with the donation of the collections of the Natural History Society to the University of Athens. These collections were the foundation of the Natural History Museum. During these early years and despite financial difficulties, the collections of the Museum increased considerably, thanks to many donations, purchases and the collection of material during scientific expeditions in Greece.

Museum Alex Mylona – Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Situated on the fringe of the Athens Archaeological Park, within the historic Thission area, the Museum Alex Mylona, which was founded in 2004, provides visitors with a rare journey into contemporary art through the work of the Athenian sculptress Alex Mylona and periodic contemporary art exhibitions.

Hellenic Motor Museum

Athens Motor Museum. Automobiles dominated my interests ever since I can remember myself. My father’s cars, were the first getaway to my passion for driving, not always with his approval. In 1977, when my first child was born, I decided that I had completed the first cycle of my participation in competitions, so I turned to the collection of old cars.

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