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Greece with kids: A 10-day Itinerary for a family trip

Featured What to see in Athens with kids What to see in Athens with kids

By Zest in A Tote

Whitewashed islands, sailing boats, fishing villages, ancient ruins, olives and feta cheese, enduring myths, awe-inspiring sunsets, the strum of the mandolin, sun-kissed figures – these are the images that Greece evokes. Romance. Luxury.

“With an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat, you can rebuild Greece.” – Odysseas Elytis, Greek poet and Nobel Laureate

Not the ideal destination for antsy, precocious kids. But we scoured through some sound advice from the Internet and put together a 10-day kid-friendly Greece Itinerary. This was limited to the city of Athens and the two most visited islands in the Cyclades – Santorini and Mykonos.

To pique interest for the kids, we got them a set of Leslie Patricelli’s Mini Myths including ‘Be Patient, Pandora’, ‘Play Nice, Hercules’ and ‘Make a Wish, Midas’.

Greece is good any time of the year – winters do get cold though (it even snows!), so if sun and sea are what you seek, anytime between March and October is a great time to travel. Then again, off-peak months like April and September provide sunshine without the party crowds.

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