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Guided tours to the public from the curators of the Benaki Museum

History seen through the objects of the Museum

Every Thursday from November 2013 through to May 2014, the curators of the Greek collections of the Benaki Museum await you, to narrate the stories hidden behind the short titles of the exhibition, to respond to any questions, to share with you the joy of a journey that commences at the dawn of prehistory and leads up to the twentieth century.

At the CENTRAL BUILDING these tours will take place every Thursday (at 16:00 and lasting for one hour), and for the period from November through to May 2013, will cover the following:

Tours of the Prehistoric, Ancient Greek and Roman Collections by curator Irene Papageorgiou.
07/11/2013, 05/12/2013, 09/01/2014, 06/02/2014, 06/03/2014, 03/04/2014

Tours of the Byzantine Collection by the Mara Verykokkou
14/11/2013, 16/01/2014, 13/03/2014

Tours of the Byzantine Collection by the Panorea Benatou 
12/12/2013, 13/02/2014, 10/04/2014

Tours of the Collection of Neo-Hellenic Culture by the curator Xenia Politou. 
21/11/2013, 19/12/2013, 23/01/2014, 20/02/2014, 20/03/2014, 24/04/2014

Tours of the Historical Heirlooms Collection by the Head of Historical Archives, Tassos Sakellaropoulos. 
28/11/2013, 19/12/2013**, 30/01/2014, 27/02/2014, 27/03/2014, 08/05/2014

Guided tours Info 

Every Thursday: 16.00-17.00 
(**) On Thursday 19/12/2013 the tour will take place from 17:30 to 18:30.
Benaki Museum (Main buiding),
Koubari 1, Athens
Participation cost: 3€
Rerservations: tel: +302103671015  (Monday to Thursday, 10:00 - 14:00)


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