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The Greek Monsters by BEETROOT

27APR12 - 29JUL12

Installations, sculptures, idols, stencil graffiti and also “invisible” monsters that can be perceived only with the use of audio-visual technology.

Beetroot Design Group is the design agency and think-tank from Thessaloniki, who won one of the highest distinctions in communication design in the world (red dot Agency of the Year).

The Greek Monsters by BEETROOT The Greek Monsters by BEETROOT The Greek Monsters by BEETROOT

"The Greek Monsters" exhibition was created to celebrate Beetroot’s “consistently brilliant level” in design that won its prestigious distinction: the red-dot Communication Design Award as the Agency of the Year 2011. It is consisted of installations, sculptures, idols, stencil graffiti (resembling a contemporary frieze) and also “invisible” monsters that can be perceived only with the use of audio –visual technology. All exhibits are inspired by the vivid ancient Greek mythology and are designed in a neo-black-figure style specially devel¬oped by Beetroot. Each exhibit is also accompanied by an exhibition tag that instead of facts and information on its make and history, pre¬sents an original poem on the philosophy or practice it stands for.

With the "Greek Monsters", Beetroot aims to respond –not without a sense of humor– to the current ill socio-economical image of modern Greece as this is largely presented in the media around the globe, while presenting key philosophical stands and practices in design. The Greek Monsters are used with their dual meaning both as perpetrators and victims, and ultimately as contemporary symbols against racism, generalization and exclusion.

More on Benaki Museum (Pireos Street Annexe)

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